Ebola in Perspective – Cultural Anthropology Journal – October 2014


“Since early 2014, the international coverage of Africa has been dominated by the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Much of that coverage represents the region as helpless and hopeless, a tragic victim of illogical beliefs and dangerous cultural practices. The contributors to this Hot Spots series offer their personal and professional experience in this region as a critical counter-argument. The essays collected here explore the political landscapes that make the state itself both a vector for and victim of this disease (Abramowitz, Ammann, Batty, Ferme, Harman, Nguyen); they write of the social realities of funeral practices, both their limits and their potential for change (Richards); they write of the media coverage of the disease and the complex ways in which information flows in and around the region (McGovern); they write of the way Ebola discourse has entered popular culture (Benton, Tucker), occult narratives (Bolten), and the diasporic imaginary (Sayegh, Wesley); and they write of the complicated ways it links to the region’s history of violence (Schroven, Soderstrom).”

by Daniel Hoffman and Mary Moran

Full series: http://www.culanth.org/fieldsights/585-ebola-in-perspective

Posts in This Series

Introduction: Ebola In Perspective

by Mary Moran and Daniel Hoffman

Ebola in Guinea: Revealing the State of the State

by Anita Schroven

Bushmeat and the Politics of Disgust

by Mike McGovern

Reinventing “Others” in a Time of Ebola

by Fodei Batty

Village Funerals and the Spread of Ebola Virus Disease

by Paul Richards and Alfred Mokuwa

Hospital Diaries: Experiences with Public Health in Sierra Leone

by Mariane Ferme

Beats, Rhymes and Ebola

by Boima Tucker

Articulating the Invisible: Ebola Beyond Witchcraft in Sierra Leone

by Catherine E. Bolten

Ebola in Liberia: A Threat to Human Security and Peace

by Theresa Ammann

Ebola and the Health Care Crisis in Liberia

by Jackie Sayegh

How the Liberian Health Sector Became a Vector for Ebola

by Sharon Alane Abramowitz

The Epidemic Will be Militarized: Watching Outbreak as the West African Ebola Epidemic Unfolds

by Adia Benton

Schooling, Urgency, and Hope For Movement Ahead of The Ebola Crisis in Liberia: Perspectives from Recent Fieldwork

by Eva Harman

Ebola and the Ex-Combatant Community

by Johanna Söderström

Liberia’s Ebola Epidemic: Did the Government Fall Asleep at the Wheel?

by Patricia Jabbeh Wesley

Ebola: How We Became Unprepared, and What Might Come Next

by Vinh-Kim Nguyen

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