Medicine Anthropology Theory: First Issue Online

We are pleased to announce that the first full issue of Medicine Anthropology Theory (MAT) is now online at

MAT is an open-access journal in the anthropology of health, illness, and medicine, publishing three issues each year of peer-reviewed articles, think pieces, photo essays, and book and film reviews. We also publish, on a rolling basis, a wide range of other content: essays and ruminations, conference reports, and teaching and learning materials. For more information about submissions, see:



The protected lab. Securitization and spaces of exclusion in medical research in East Africa — Denielle Elliott

An embodied belonging. Amenorrhea and anorexic subjectivities — Karin Eli

Changing cartographies of health in a globalizing world — Ted Schrecker

‘Making known’ or ‘counting our children’? Constructing and caring for children in epidemic South Africa — Lindsey Reynolds

Medicine Anthropology Theory. An open-access journal in the anthropology of health, illness, and medicine — Eileen Moyer, Vinh-Kim Nguyen


Photo Essays

Mapping senses of place in an urban drug scene — Danya Fast


Think Pieces

Medical stratification in Vietnam — Martha Lincoln

How did we get here? ‘It does not require a big brain to understand.’ The ‘Greek Crisis’, care, and health care — Giorgos Kostakiotis, Deanna J. Trakas

Heaviness, intensity, and intimacy. Dutch elder care in the context of retrenchment of the welfare state — Barbara Da Roit, Josien de Klerk

No smoking within nine metres of discipline limits — Simone Dennis

When comparison comes first. Reflections on theory in medical anthropology — Alice Street


Book and Film Reviews

Powerless science? Science and politics in a toxic world — Janelle Lamoreaux

Abortion in Asia. Local dilemmas, global politics — Erica van der Sijpt

Migranten in tijd en ruimte. Culturen van ouder worden — Sjaak van der Geest

Child care in a globalizing world. Perspectives from Ghana — Cati Coe

Nieuw leven. Geboorte in fictie — Lianne Holten

Ik gebaar, ik leef. I sign, I live — Annelies Kusters

Life in crisis. The ethical journey of Doctors Without Borders — Pride Linda

The Alzheimer conundrum? Entanglements of dementia and aging — Jolanda Lindenberg

Mestizo genomics. Race mixture, nation, and science in Latin America — Abigail Nieves Delgado

The new Arab man. Emergent masculinities, technologies, and Islam in the Middle East — Fiona R. Parrott

Patients and agents. Mental illness, modernity and Islam in Sylhet, Bangladesh — Nasima Selim


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